Mobile Computer Techs has been there to support me in my time of need, like when my computer crashed recently. He saved all my data and rebuilt my computer better than it was when it was new. I always know who to call when I need help.

Jill S., Shelby Township 48316

As a small company in Utica, we needed help upgrading our computers and we needed a network installed for our company. Mobile Computer Techs helped us upgrade our computers and they installed our wired and wireless network. Their knowledge and ability to explain things to us was very comforting. We would not hesitate to call them again as our future technology requires.

Steve T., Certified Public Accountant, Utica, Michigan 48315

Our Company has been in business for fifteen years, and we have hired many different computer technicians during this time to help us with our computer needs. We have never been satisfied with the results of any of the other companies that have worked for us in the past. We recently hired Mobile Computer Techs to network our computers, to help us install a DSL line, and we needed it done during non-business hours, and they did a great job!

Mobile Computer Techs went the extra mile in order to complete the tasks that we needed help with, and they didn’t charge us anything extra to work after normal business hours in the evenings or on the weekends. They always kept their appointments, and they were always there early. Mobile Computer Techs are highly professional, honest and fair. I would highly recommend Mobile Computer Techs to any small business that are in need of any kind of computer help.

Susan A., Realtor, Warren, Michigan 48089

Mobile Computer Techs possess all the qualities necessary to meet the needs of their customers. I am convinced that Mobile Computer Techs offers the kind of personalized service needed for their customers. The support was done at my home, without me having to disconnect my computer and take it to them. That was so nice!

George L., Fraser, Michigan 48026

I would like to thank Mobile Computer Techs for the many hours of great computer service it has provided our business over the last 2 years. Mobile Computer Techs was instrumental in setting up our server, establishing and maintaining our computer network, setting up our new computers, and troubleshooting and repairing all our computer problems that we needed help with. I would also like to express our thanks for the superior quality and timeliness of the service Mobile Computer Techs has provided. Mobile Computer Techs has even helped us with our computers at home. I would highly recommend Mobile Computer Techs to anyone seeking computer services.

Frank G., Paving Contractor, Sterling Heights, Michigan 48313

I work for a small office in Clawson and it came time that we needed our computers replaced, and Mobile Computer Techs helped us get the right replacement computers and server. Our Dell computers are great! They also helped us save money printing by connecting us all to the same network printers. I am not computer savvy, and we did not know anyone locally who could do this for us. I called around and talked to a few companies, but I was always confused after I got off the phone with them.

I found Mobile Computer Techs in the Sterling Heights Chamber of Commerce, and they spent a lot of time with me on the phone, explaining to me the way that they would proceed, and best of all they did it in a manner that I could understand. They were there the next day to do a survey and to discuss with us our upgrade options. Their prices were easy to understand, and were much lower than everyone else we that we called. The technician showed up right on time as promised.

The technician was able to set everything up as promised, and they even took the time to train us on how to share files, print, and access everything remotely. If you are a small business and you need help with your computers I recommend Mobile Computer Techs. They are professional, fast, reliable, and you can not beat their prices.

Jonathan B., Cell Phone Retailer, Clinton Township, Michigan 48035

I’d like to consider myself tech-savvy. People are always calling on me to do maintenance and repair their computers. So I found it funny when my computer began running real slow and after hours of trying to establish what is wrong, I still had no clue what was wrong with it. So I decided to get some help, and found Mobile Computer Techs web site online. They came out and got my computer running faster than I had it running! They gave me a great deal on upgrading my RAM. This was all done in less than a week. I recommend Mobile Computer Techs to everyone that needs any computer help. When I have no clue when friends and family have me check out their computer, I now tell them to call Mobile Computer Techs.

Ron C., Royal Oak, Michigan 48067

My computer was fixed quickly and affordably. They fixed my older Dell computer that was giving me lots of pop ups, and also blue screens. They were able to repair the operating system and remove all the viruses and spyware from my computer. No more rip off companies like the big stores who sent out young people who just wanted to sell me something that I didn’t need! They knew what they were doing and they are very good! I found them to be fast, reliable, but best of all, honest!

David S., Rochester, Michigan 48306

Mobile Computer Techs are so amazing and so knowledgeable. I had troubles after installing service pack 3 for Windows XP, and my computer would not boot up. I had Mobile Computer Techs come to my apartment and they fixed it fast! I am so tired of dealing with computer shops. Having the work done at my home while I watched was very interesting. They made the stuff that is a pain look so easy! If you have any computer problems give them a call.

Keith R., Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48304

Great service for everything that I needed. They had very affordable prices, compared to other computer repair companies, and they did the work just as promised. A+. Best that I have dealt with so far.

Angie W., Madison Heights, Michigan 48071

The technician that helped us was so great and so easy to deal with. My computer just stopped working one day after I got some weird error message before I turned it off, and it would not start back up. I searched the internet for a PC repair shop and I landed on Mobile Computer Tech’s web site. They came out very quickly, and I did not even have to leave the comfort of my own home.

They let me know my hard drive had failed, and that they could install a new one, as well as recover my data off my old hard drive and transfer it to the new one they installed, so my PC was just like it was before. I do not know what I would have done if I lost all my files. Thanks to Mobile Computer Techs, I got it all back and very fast and reasonably priced. I recommend them to anyone who needs help with their PC no matter what the problem.

Michelle C., Center Line, Michigan 48015

The techs at Mobile Computer Techs really know what they are doing. They are actually truthful and honest, which I find is hard to come by today! It is like finding a good mechanic! My only regret in making this post is that I am telling more people about them instead of keeping it my own secret! Anyway, use them, you will like them!

William T., Clawson, Michigan 48017

I have been using Mobile Computer Techs for my business for a few years now, and I am very pleased with them. They are really professional and helped build the current network that we are using now. We hire them for all our IT support, and they really live up to their slogan as being our personal IT department! They are prompt with getting things handled, and their rates are incredible, for the quality of service that they provide.

Nicole L., Printing Service, Hazel Park, Michigan 48030

Mobile Computer Techs came and worked on my computer when I could not get my system to boot. I also had so many popup ads, and it was really running slow. I got a fast diagnosis and had the system repaired and ready for me while I watched at home. No more hassles with rip-off companies like those big box stores! Try these guys out, they know what they are doing and they will not rip you off!

Sandy N., Clinton Twp., Michigan 48036

I had a Windows XP computer that had many popup ads that would take over my browsing, and occasionally my computer would just freeze up. I called Mobile Computer Techs and they were able to repair the operating system and clean my infected computer. These guys know what they are doing and they were super friendly and quick with the repair, but best of all they made sure that I understood what I was being charged for, and what they did to resolve my computer problems. I recommend them for any computer repair services that you may have.

Gary E., Troy, Michigan 48083

I knew nothing about computers and Mobile Computer Techs not only helped me understand what was wrong with my computer, but they did what needed to be done to fix it, and I didn’t have to call them back to fix it again, like I have with other computer repair companies that I have dealt with in the past. I approved their suggestions and got my computer fix very fast, and their prices were very reasonable. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help with their computer, especially if you are not very knowledgeable about computers. They have very friendly staff and helpful techs that make dealing with them very easy.

Cory G., Warren, Michigan 48090

The tech for Mobile Computer Techs worked tirelessly through difficult situations getting our systems at our company up to speed. It turned out to be several hardware issues, due to a power failure that we had from an electrical storm. Once the hardware was replaced everything worked great, and the tech did all the work right on site. Their service was invaluable to our company!

Greg M., Warren, Michigan 48397

I kept getting blue screens and random problems on my laptop. I found Mobile Computer Techs in the yellow pages online, and they installed a replacement hard drive and got it working in a day for me, which sure did help out, while I was in school. They were fast and did a good job for a reasonable price. If you are in a hurry and you don’t want to trust your computer with guys who are going to take 2 to 3 weeks and still have no clue what course of action to take, then give them a call!

San D., Southfield, Michigan 48037

I am a college student at Oakland University, and I needed some help with my computer. It was running way too slow and I could barely browse the internet, or sign into my schools blackboard to get my homework. I was getting so many popup ads all the time, mostly because of some questionable web sites that I had viewed in the past. I was referred to Mobile Computer Techs from a friend, that was very pleased with their service, so I decided to give them a shot, and I was very happy too!

They came out to my dorm room and they fixed my PC in just a few hours. They also showed me how to keep my computer clean, and how to scan it for problems. I used to call the Geeks but I was never impressed with them. Mobile Computer Techs had more years in the business then some of the Geeks that I called were old. I would recommend them to any student or professional who needs their computer fixed fast.

Rhonda T., Bloomfield Twp., Michigan 48304

I had a cracked laptop screen and I got it replaced for way cheaper than what HP quoted me, and it was done at my work. I called on Tuesday and they ordered the parts and had it fixed by Friday. Fast turnaround time! Overall service was great. I got exactly what I wanted, and the experience went well. This company is awesome!

Phillip J., Roseville, Michigan 48066

I play first person shooters online and these guys optimized my system to run lag free. They also installed a faster video card and some extra RAM, and now I am screaming fast! They also removed a ton on spyware and adware from my computer, which was one of the main reasons that it was running so slow in the first place. Thanks guys! You rock!

James R., Macomb Township, Michigan 48042

You know when you call a place like a car or computer repair company that you are likely to have one of two things happen. One, you get shafted by the repair guys tacking on extra services that you don’t ask for, or taking longer than is necessary to fix your problem, which always cost you more than you were quoted. Two, you get a fair or slightly high price, but you don’t understand what was fixed or why it was fixed, how they are fixing it, how long it is going to take, etc.

Mobile Computer Techs was nothing like either of these scenarios! They were fast, and I mean really fast. They are very friendly, knowledgeable, and they don’t speak in tongues or riddles, like some companies do. They give you the straight information in terms that you can understand, from the problem, to the solution. They service, repair, and upgrade, all kinds of equipment. They even were able to securely erase some hard drives from computers that we wanted to donate, but were afraid of someone getting our old data off our hard drives.

Lidren V., Clinton Twp., Michigan 48036

I have been using computers for over 20 years now, even before Windows was around. During that period I have used a number of computer service companies to both build and repair my systems. Based on the experiences I have had, both good and bad, I can say with some degree of authority that Mobile Computer Techs provides outstanding, knowledgeable service at a reasonable price. They have recently sold me a brand new Dell laptop system, which has a docking station, which makes taking my laptop with me a breeze now!

Arthur M., Macomb, Michigan 48042