Google Picasa

Google Picasa is for editing digital images and photos, but it also is an image organizer, an image viewer, and it has a built-in photo sharing web site, that you can use to upload your images and photos to, and then you can share them with all your family and friends.  You can edit images and photos by doing color enhancement, red eye reduction, and cropping.  Image and photo file sizes can be reduced for emailing and printing.  You can even add text to your images and photos.  Have you ever wanted to email several images or photos, but discovered that the images or photos were too large to email, because your email provider has an attachment size limit, which prevented you from emailing those images or photos?  Give Google Picasa a try.  It is free, and it does a great job doing basic photo editing, which is all that the average person ever needs to do.  The latest version of Google Picasa is version 3.9 Build 136.9, which was released 09-12-12, and the latest version of Google Picasa can always be downloaded from at:

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